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Patio Heater - 1,500-Watt Infrared Electric Patio Heater Rental

$125.00 USD

Price listed is DAILY RENTAL RATE
Daily Rate = 24 Hour Period

Multiple Day and Long Term Rental discounts available upon request.

Heater Only

Our heavy duty Offset Infrared Patio Heater introduces a new revolution in outdoor and indoor event heaters.

  • This space heater is safe! clean odorless infrared technology- no UV rays, silent operation
  • Highly efficient, 90% energy conversion-100% heat production within seconds, no wasteful heating of the air
  • Great alternative for events or locations where propane heaters are not permitted or feasible
  • Are often used as tent heaters or other enclosed venues where propane can't be used
  • Portable design allows for easy maneuverability and safe relocation during an event

Heat Coverage: Best suited when directing heat on a close area such as a cocktail table, coat check, security/event registration etc (wind conditions may change coverage)

Requires a dedicated 15A circuit (not just separate outlet) for operation.  For larger projects, we recommend considering power distribution packages to provide enough electricity for your special event or heater rental.


If you require electric heating for larger events, functions, or spaces, please give us a call to discuss our delivery and installation services.  Our in-house electricians are licensed and insured to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.