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Stageline SL320 Mobile Stage Rental


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FINAL PRICE based on location, date, duration, production equipment, event specifications, staffing and requirements.

Please contact us @ 1.800.884.0653 for pricing or

Delivery or Pick Up Options?

Our Mobile Stages are only available for Delivery & Set Up by our team.

Insurance & Deposit Requirements

Insurance is required when just the mobile stage is being rented and client is providing their own additional gear (audio, lighting, video, rigging, etc). If we provide all the production services, no insurance is required.

If you are not sure about insurance requirements for your order / event, please contact us at your earliest convenience for details @ 1.800.884.0653



Final price based on location, date, duration.

Stageline SL320 mobile stage.  The largest stage in the SL Series. Install a 40' x 40' (12 m x 12 m) stage area with superior clearance. Among its many advantages are unmatched wind resistance and a full line-array capability. Efficient and tough, it has proved itself in thousands of events to production professionals facing time and logistic constraints.

This mobile stage system includes the sound wings and flybays on each side of the stage to fly the sound system, as well as wind walls and banner bars for convenient and practical placement of banners.

Simply the best ratio of size versus setup time you’ll ever get!

FLOOR SIZE: 40' x 40'

SET UP TIME: 3 - 6 Hours
* Once positioning and leveling is completed

MANPOWER: 1 Technician / 3 - 4 Stagehands
* Stagehands are determined by the stage configuration

WIND RESISTANCE: 60 MPH w/ Windwalls - 90 MPH w/out Windwalls



Level the trailer and lower the floor panels. Easy hydraulic operations.


Install sound, lighting equipment and banners at ground level. From deck level install your rigging motors for up to 20,000 lbs (9,071 kg) with sound wings.


Raise the roof then lift your sound & lighting equipment.


Technical specifications

Length 53' 16,15 m
Width 8' 2" 2,5 m
Height 13' 5 " 4,1 m
Storage space ** 38' x 4' 6 " x 7'4" 11,6 m x 1,4 m x 2,2 m
Storage space capacity ** 13 100 lb 5 940 kg
Weight 42 100 lb 19 100 kg
Stage Floor
Length and depth 40' x 32' or 39' 2" 12,19 m x 9,75 m or 11,94 m
Maximum length and depth with platforms 64' x 43' 2’’ 19,5 m x 13,16 m
Height from ground 3' 6" to 6' 1,07 m to 1,83 m
Design live load 100 lb/pi² 490 kg/m²
Type of Surface Plywood on steel
Length and depth 42' 2" x 34' 3" or 40' 9 " 12,85 m x 10,44 m or 12,43 m
Maximum clearance 22' 3" to 25' 5" 6,78 m to 7,74 m
Overall height from ground 32' 3" 9,23 m
Type of surface One sheet fiberglass bonded on aluminium
Total load bearing capacity 26 000 lb 11 793 kg
Practical Aspects
Installation time 2 to 3 Hours
Personnel recommended 2 Certified technicians and 2 stagehands
Mode of transportation 1 Fifth-wheel tractor
Gust wind resistance 60 mph (100 km/h) with windwalls or 90 mph (145 km/h) without windwalls
Roof live load rating 20 PSF (1kPa)
Windwalls Weatherproof, fire-retardant vinyl or scrim (blow - through material)
Floor extension platforms 4' x 8' (1.2 m x 2.4 m) Integrated brackets - easy to install

** For optional stage related components (Extension platforms, barricades, ...)