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EV SX300PI Speaker

by EV
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The Electro-Voice Sx300PI Speaker System is a weather-resistant version of the Sx300+. Weather resistance is increased through its foam backed, full-face stainless steel grill. Additionally, there are two port-plugs included for user install when increased weather resistance is necessary.

The speaker and crossover network are designed to achieve Constant-Directivity.  A feature of the Sx Series, Contant-Directivity helps eliminate "hot spots" and gives better, more balanced coverage to areas traditionally weak in coverage. An additional benefit of the Sx300PI coverage pattern is its increased avoidance of early reflections which can degrade overall performance.

Acoustical and mechanical ring modes are controlled using RMD (Ring-Mode Decoupling) allowing more intelligibility and less resonance, giving the listener less "muddiness".

Circuit protection is provided for the molded-in, pure titanium horn driver reducing the input by 6dB if the nominal rating is passed. With a durable, damage resistant structural foam enclosure, two molded-in handles, and multiple suspension points, the Sx300PI works well as either a portable or suspended system and the enclosure design allows for multiple speakers to be combined to create an array system.

  • 300 Watts Continuous 1200 Watt Peak Power
  • Increased weather resistance
  • 80Hz to 25kHz Frequency Range
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Unique 65° x 65° horn pattern allows better coverage to areas that would typically have weaker overall coverage
  • Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD) for increased intelligibility (Pro Circuit) Solid-state self-resetting circuit protection
  • Four metric inserts for suspending the Sx300

Electro-Voice Sx300PI specs

Active or Passive Passive
Frequency Response 80Hz to 25kHz Frequency Reponse
Power Capacity 300 Watts Continuous Power
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Not specified by manufacturer
Nominal Sensitivity 99.5dB
Impedance 8 Ohms
Crossover 1.5kHz
Low Frequency Driver 12 in. Woofer
High Frequency Driver DH2010A Driver
Enclosure Material Black Polypropylene structural foam
Input Connections Paralleled Nuetrik Speakon Connections
Dimensions 23. x 16.9 x 12.3 in. (586 x 429 x 312mm)
Weight 40 lbs. (17.7 kg) each
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