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Meyer 500-HP Compact High-Power Subwoofer Rental

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Price listed is DAILY RENTAL RATE
Daily Rate = 24 Hour Period

Multiple Day and Long Term Rental discounts available upon request.

Item is no longer available. Listed for reference only.

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We offer both delivery and customer pick up options from our warehouse in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY.

When you go through our checkout system, you will have the option to select delivery or warehouse pick up.

Insurance & Deposit Requirements


Insurance is required for all rental items where CLIENT is operating equipment on their own.  These insurances are NOT required where CROSSFIRE will set up & operate the equipment.  If you are not sure about insurance requirements for your order / event, please contact us at your earliest convenience for details @ 1.800.884.0653

This can be covered in the following manner:

1) Equipment Value:  $0 - $1500
- Credit Card on File w/Personal Guarantee

2) Equipment Value: $1500 - $5000
- Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card w/Personal Guarantee OR
- Certificate Of Insurance

3) Equipment Value: $5000+ or Vintage Items / Items No Longer Available
- Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card OR
- Certificate Of Insurance

CREDIT CARD on FILE w/Personal Guarantee:
Your credit card details will be kept on file in the event of loss, damage, or late return.  A personal guarantee is also required, listing the client as personally responsible for all damages and outstanding balances

We will need the FULL Replacement Value of the equipment charged to a credit card, or a cash deposit.  After your rental has been returned, and all equipment tested and verified, the deposit will be released.


Please issue certificate to / Loss Payee:
276 Meserole Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
T: 1.800.884.0653
F: 1.888.552.8558

Please send the COI to your sales rep so that they may add it your account file.


 NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Listed for Reference Only.

The 500-HP is a self-powered, high-output subwoofer suitable for both flown and groundstacked configurations. Available in two versions — one with side panel handles, one with rigging hardware — the compact subwoofer integrates smartly with Meyer Sound self-powered, full-range loudspeakers. When fitted with the optional QuickFly MRF-500 rigging frame, the 500-HP arrays directly with the M'elodie ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker. The integral 1.5-inch pole-mount receptacle, included with all 500-HPs, allows the subwoofer to be easily paired with UltraSeries loudspeakers, for either fixed or touring applications.

The 500-HP subwoofer boasts an operating frequency range of 35 Hz to 140 Hz and a peak SPL of 135 dB at 1 meter. Designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound's Berkeley, California headquarters, the unit's two 12-inch cone drivers are engineered to deliver optimal subwoofer performance. The high-excursion, back-vented drivers, each with 4-inch voice coils, are rated to handle 1200 W (AES)* and housed in a tuned, rectangular enclosure that has the same width as the M'elodie loudspeaker.

The low frequency drivers are driven by a two- channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages. Ample headroom is delivered with 1800 W of total burst output (900 W per channel). The 500-HP's amplifier and processing electronics are equipped with Meyer Sound's Intelligent AC power supply, which adapts to any power voltage worldwide and provides soft-turn on and transient protection. The amplifier, control electronics, and power supply are field-replaceable modules located in the rear of the enclosure.

The 500-HP includes protective, plastic skids on the bottom of the enclosure that securely align with its top slots for stacked units. The optional MRF-500 rigging frame includes captive, recessed GuideALinks that allow the subwoofer to be flown from the MG-M'elodie rigging grid, as well as suspend an array of M'elodies or additional 500-HPs. The GuideALinks, located at the front, center, and rear of the frame, are easily set to one of three positions with convenient, pinned handles and slots. A wide range of splay angles and configurations, including cardioid arrays, are possible with the different combinations of positions for the front, center, and rear GuideALinks; the angle for suspended M'elodie arrays can be uptilted by 5 degrees (for balcony coverage) or downtilted up to 15 degrees.

Constructed of premium birch plywood, the durable 500-HP enclosure is coated with a black textured, hard-shell finish. A hex-stamped, steel grille with acoustical black mesh protects the subwoofer's drivers. Other options include weather protection and custom color finishes for fixed installations and applications with specific cosmetic requirements. The dimensions for the 500-HP make its transport compatible with both European and U.S. trucks, and the unit can travel securely in stacks with the optional MCF-500 caster frame.

The RMS remote monitoring system — standard with the rigging version of the 500-HP and optional with the side panel configuration — allows comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based computer.