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Powered Speaker 15 DJM800 System


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Featuring the Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer - a solid and reliable standard in the DJ world - this Powered Speaker Package is truly a steal. It includes the following...

(2) High End 15" Powered Speakers (MACKIE, EV, JBL)
(1) Pioneer DJM-800 DJ Mixer (4 Channel DJ Mixer)
(2) Speaker Stands
All Cables to connect from the DJ Mixer to the Speakers

The DJM800 Mixer features four input channels, five line inputs, four digital inputs and three turntable inputs. Each channel features a three-band isolator EQ for realtime frequency manipulation. An on-board 24-bit effects processors delivers Echo, Delay, Reverse Delay, Pan, Transform, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Robot, Chorus, Roll and Reverse Roll effects. A unique feature is the Auto Harmonic Tuning effect, which detects the key of incoming audio and compensates when pitch changes are made. This results is mixes that are harmonically tuned.