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Power Distribution

Power is one of the most overlooked aspect of most events.  Don't assume the venue or location that is hosting your event has enough power for all of your equipment.  Before you book your venue, make sure their power supply is sufficient for your specific requirements.  If your not sure, most reputable venues will have in-house porters or engineers who can answer these types of questions for you.  If your not sure on the amount of power you need, give us a call, and our knowledgeable rental reps can assist you with just about anything.  We can even help out by making a Technical Site visit, to ensure that you have sufficient energy - to avoid costly damages to the venue and your equipment, later on.

The following power distribution boxes are made available for rental to our clients.  However, please be advised that a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN should be the one to tie in to the venue's power supply to avoid damage - personal and/or property.  We do offer larger distribution options, however, these require a site visit, in addition to our staff, which must install and administer - additional charges apply.