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Closed Memorial Day Weekend - Fri May 24 ~ Mon May 27

Airstar inflatable lighting solutions.  These balloon lights are perfect for various situations and industries:

  • Events
  • Film / TV
  • Rescue
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Farming

Innovating 360-Degree Diffused Light with Glare-Free Illumination.  No Shadowing and reduced eye fatigue with extra bright output and increased lumens per watt make these professional lights suitable for various services.

Technical Data:

  • Light Source:   1800 W Halogen
  • Luminous Flux:     31,200 lm
  • Max Power Consumption:    1800 W
  • Power Supply:     2 KVA
  • Envelope Sizes:     5 ft, 6.5 ft
  • Standard Shape:     Sphere
  • Balloon Weight:     35lbs
  • Wind Resistance:     Up to 25 mph
  • Set Up Time Per Balloon:     20-30 Min

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