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Lycian 1271 Follow Spot 1200W Stage Lighting

$350.00 USD

Price listed is DAILY RENTAL RATE
Daily Rate = 24 Hour Period

Multiple Day and Long Term Rental discounts available upon request.

Delivery or Pick Up Options?

We offer both delivery and customer pick up options from our warehouse in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY.

When you go through our checkout system, you will have the option to select delivery or warehouse pick up.

Insurance & Deposit Requirements


Insurance is required for all rental items where CLIENT is operating equipment on their own.  These insurances are NOT required where CROSSFIRE will set up & operate the equipment.  If you are not sure about insurance requirements for your order / event, please contact us at your earliest convenience for details @ 1.800.884.0653

This can be covered in the following manner:

1) Equipment Value:  $0 - $1500
- Credit Card on File w/Personal Guarantee

2) Equipment Value: $1500 - $5000
- Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card w/Personal Guarantee OR
- Certificate Of Insurance

3) Equipment Value: $5000+ or Vintage Items / Items No Longer Available
- Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card OR
- Certificate Of Insurance

CREDIT CARD on FILE w/Personal Guarantee:
Your credit card details will be kept on file in the event of loss, damage, or late return.  A personal guarantee is also required, listing the client as personally responsible for all damages and outstanding balances

We will need the FULL Replacement Value of the equipment charged to a credit card, or a cash deposit.  After your rental has been returned, and all equipment tested and verified, the deposit will be released.


Please issue certificate to / Loss Payee:
276 Meserole Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
T: 1.800.884.0653
F: 1.888.552.8558

Please send the COI to your sales rep so that they may add it your account file.


The Lycian Stage Lighting StarkLite 1271 1,200 Watt H.M.I. Followspot is one of the most reliable and well-known fixtures in the entertainment industry. The unit operates using a high reactance magnetic ballast utilizing standard single phase 120 volt A/C power. Comes Standard with 6 frame color changer, iris, and dousing mechanism.

Lycian StarkLite 1271 Features:


  • Quiet operation
  • Rear operated fader
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Rear operated nichrome heavy duty iris 
  • Performances depends on lens used
  • Dedicated truss and bridge followspot
  • Uses 1200W HMI double ended lamp (sold separately


  • Head
    • Dimensions
      • Length (Including all controls):
        ›Short Lens - 29-1/2"
        ›MediumLens - 41"
        ›Long Lens - 51-1/2"
      • Height: 18-1/2"
      • Width: (including all controls): 14-1/2"
    • Weight (with medium lens): 65 lbs.
  • Base:
    • Width: 35"
    • Weight 41 lbs.
  • Power supply weight: 56 lbs
  • Pivot Height: 47"*
    *Additional upward height adjustment of 13"