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The AKG C414B-ULS is a Large diaphragm microphone with four selectable polar patterns. Switchable 0, — 10. — 20 dB pre-attenuation and bass roll-off (75 and 150 Hz, 12 dB/octave). All-metal case for rf shielding.

The C 414 has been used for years as an all purpose studio microphone for vocal and instrument recording The levels it will reproduce distortion free are extremely high for a condenser microphone: 140 dB (160 dB with pad switched in) at 1 kHz and 134/154 dB over the wide band from 30 to 20,000 Hz!

Therefore, the C 414 is often chosen for the bass drum or tom-toms.

With a dynamic range of 126 dB, the C 414 B-ULS already fulfills the requirements of future digital studio technology.

Demanding sound engineers have been using the C 414 on stage. too. for overheads. grand piano. or wind instruments.