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NYC Metro Area - Audio Video Lighting Staging Equipment Rental & Production

The C 451 EB was released in 1969 and is very similar to the C451E, but also includes a switchable high-pass filter that provides a 14 dB/octave cut at either 75Hz or 150Hz. Brilliant on acoustic guitars and most stringed instruments, piano, etc., it was designed for use with 12 volt phantom power, but could handle up to 52 volts.

Low noise level, extremely high reliability and life-long stability are inherent features of the C-451EB. Low current consumption at low voltage and Phantom circuit powering permits feeding the microphone supply voltage via a standard two-conductor plus shield audio cable. In addition to the central feeding technique, directly off the d.c supply of the associated amplifier, the microphone may be powered by the AKG N-46E a.c. power supply or the AKG B-46E d.c. battery supply.