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Closed Memorial Day Weekend - Fri May 24 ~ Mon May 27

The black DPA 4061 CORE with Microdot Connector is a miniature, moisture-resistant lavalier microphone designed for use with wireless systems for broadcast, performance, and theatrical applications. The low-sensitivity electret-condenser capsule can handle loud vocalists, speakers, and performers and delivers crisp, clear, and intelligible audio, while the rugged yet unobtrusive design is well suited to the demands of professional live stage work and presentations.

This version of the 4061 uses DPA's CORE technology to deliver a 4 dB increase in dynamic range and a 14 dB reduction in noise over the 4061 Legacy model. The mic includes two interchangeable capsule-protection grids that alter the sonic character of the microphone. The High-Boost Grid creates a peak at 12 kHz, helpful for chest placement, while the Soft-Boost Grid offers a subtle boost between 8 to 20 kHz, lightly enhancing signal presence to ensure clarity.

With an SPL rating of 144 dB, the microphone is more than capable of handling loud speakers, vocalists, and presenters. The mic can also be used very effectively to capture instruments‚Äîmaking it a flexible tool for houses of worship and live event productions. The 4061 CORE is powered by 5 to 10V plug-in power from a wireless transmitter and features a modular design using a Microdot output connector. 

Key Features
  • For Theater, Film, TV, and Presentation
  • Omnidirectional for Consistent Levels
  • For Various Transmitters via Adapter
  • For Loud Speech/Vocals up to 144 dB SPL
  • IP58-Certified Dust & Moisture Resistant
  • CORE Increases Dynamics & Reduces Noise
  • Modular Adapter System for Transmitters
  • Requires 5 to 10V or Phantom Power
  • Includes Soft- and High-Boost Grids