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The Golden Age Project Pre 73 Mic Premap is based on the circuitry used in Neve's legendary 1073.  So you can get a classic vintage preamp sound on a budget.

This preamp conforms to the popular half‑width, 1U‑high format (so it could easily be fitted to a third‑party rack tray if necessary) and all the casework is made from heavy, folded steel, finished in a retro dark red colour.

The GA Pre 73 gives you everything that you'd expect on a good preamp, including inputs for mic, line‑level and DI signals, as well as a polarity-invert button and an LED level meter. The gain control layout borrows from the Neve 1073, with three 'off' positions, the one between the 50 and 55dB positions being for a second mic gain-stage.