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Closed Memorial Day Weekend - Fri May 24 ~ Mon May 27

The anthracite B 1 D Popscreen from Schoeps has a deceptively simple outward appearance. As with the B 5 D and the basket-type windscreens, the sound inlets of the microphone are enclosed by a volume of air.

The B 1 D Popscreen is most effective in the axial direction; thus it is offered as a popscreen rather than a windscreen. It is exclusively designed for axially-addressed capsules such as the MK 4, MK 41, and their CCM counterparts, rather than for the MK 6, MK 8, or any capsule or CCM with a V in its name.

It is as effective as the distinctly larger B 5 D, but as one might expect, it also has slightly more of an effect on sound quality. Highly efficient popscreen