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The electrically passive GVC Swivel Capsule from Schoeps has a nickel finish and can be inserted between any capsule and microphone amplifier of the Colette modular system, or before an Active Cable, Active Extension Tube, or the CUT 1 filter. It allows the angle of a capsule to be adjusted on all microphone amplifiers of the Colette modular system. It is adjustable from 0° through 120° in either direction.

In terms of applications, the GVC can be used with capsules intended for frontal sound pickup such as the MK 4 (cardioid). Laterally addressed capsules (MK 4V, MK 41V, MK 4VXS, MK 6, and MK 8) can be used on the GVC with a small elastic ring. This ring should be slipped over the threads of the GVC so that the capsule can be aimed in the desired direction. The GVC can be used as a boom for film sound recording. An MK 41 supercardioid on a CMC 6 amplifier can be used very close to the ceiling while aiming downward.