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Closed July 4 - 7 - Happy Independence Day!

The 48-channel DM1000 console is truly a chip off the digital block, sharing many of the features found in the 96-channel DM2000 (PAR 4/03). Apart from the number of channels, the most immediate difference between the two consoles is that the DM1000 can be squeezed into a standard 19-inch rack.

Using the supplied Studio Manager software, mix and settings data are easily shared among DM1000, DM2000 and 02R96 digital consoles, making the affordable DM1000 an attractive “off-line” console for multiroom facilities. 

The DM1000 comes as standard with 20 analog XLR inputs – 16 of which have mic preamps – and 12 analog outputs on XLR connectors. The mic amps are the same as found on the DM2000 console and feature individually selectable phantom power. Analog inputs directly feed the mixer’s on-board 24-bit/96 kHz analog-to-digital converters; all digital-to-analog converters operate at 24-bit/96 kHz as well.

Key Features:

  • 48-channel
  • eight-bus
  • all channels functional at 96 kHz
  • 20 analog inputs including 16 mic preamps
  • Studio Manager (Mac and PC) mixer control software included