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Sanken CS-3E Shotgun Microphone

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With three capsules for even sharper, more uniform directivity than that of the CS-1e or CS-M1, the Sanken CS-3e moisture-resistant shotgun microphone gives professional sound recordists high-end audio quality for capturing clear dialogue, foley, and sound effects in challenging environments.

Its long and focused reach, low noise, and strong output yield top-tier audio performance in a lightweight design. Plus, it features a selectable 100 Hz low-cut filter for minimizing rumble and bass buildup. Thanks to the CS-3e's multi-capsule design, proximity effect is nearly eliminated while maintaining a consistent tonal signature at various distances.

The CS-3e shotgun microphone exhibits a steady supercardioid polar pattern across the frequency spectrum, allowing it to attenuate the 90° off-axis points by about 14 dB from 1 to 2 kHz, by 18 dB at 4 kHz, and by 24 dB at 8 kHz. For independent and major film, television, and location recording gigs, the CS-3e is Sanken's flagship mono shotgun microphone.

3-Capsule Design

In order to achieve high directivity in middle-low frequencies, traditional shotgun mics would need a length of over 39 inches. Though only 10.6" long, the CS-3e grants reliable supercardioid polar performance even in the mid-lows due to its 3-capsule design, which uses three directional condenser elements in a front-back array to combine line mic performance and second-order pressure gradient response in a single system.

The CS-3e picks up targeted frontal sound sources with clarity over a wide frequency range—even in noisy ambient environments or in long reverberation spaces—by rejecting undesired noise and sounds coming from the rear and sides.

Resists Humidity and Temperature Changes

When working outdoors in humid environments, moisture and condensation can cause many mics to fail. The CS-3e's rugged design and PPS (Poly-Gold-Phenylene-Sulfide) diaphragms provide optimum resistance to humidity and hostile temperature changes, assuring dependable signal quality in a variety of environmental conditions.