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Closed Memorial Day Weekend - Fri May 24 ~ Mon May 27

The 16" long Sennheiser MKH 70 moisture-resistant shotgun microphone is purpose built for flat, accurate, and directional audio capture and customizable tone in outdoor film, TV, and location recording applications. Thanks to its selectable bass roll-off, pad, and treble boost settings, the sound signature can be adjusted to deliver top-of-the-line audio quality in a variety of scenarios.

With frequency-independent directivity, class-leading low self-noise, and high sensitivity, the MKH 70 delivers professional sonic performance that's ready for mixing. This mic's supercardioid/lobar polar pattern and infrasonic cut-off filter ensure transparent off-axis tone while its wide and neutral frequency response, transformerless output, and high SPL handling let you record the action with uncompromising clarity.

Performs in Adverse Environmental Conditions

When your work takes you outdoors, you're bound to encounter humidity and condensation, which can cause many mics to fail. The MKH 70's RF circuit design makes it highly immune to moisture, allowing you to reliably capture high-quality audio in normal and adverse environmental conditions.

Professional Sound Quality

The MKH 70 was engineered with symmetrical transducer technology to produce a clean audio signal with a minimum of distortion. Its flat 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response is optimized for capturing your source without imparting any color. Its class-leading low self-noise of just 5 dBA and high sensitivity of -26 dB enable studio-worthy signal purity without requiring noise reduction and excessive gain boosting in postproduction. Plus, the -10 dB pad is perfect for preventing distortion when miking loud sounds such as engines, explosions, and gun shots.

Customizable Tone

Though the MKH 70 is tuned for transparency, it offers two switches to alter its tonal balance. Turn on the treble emphasis to add a 5 dB boost at 10 kHz for increased speech intelligibility and activate the 70 Hz roll-off filter to mitigate rumble and bass buildup.

Phantom Powered

The MKH 70 boasts a transformerless and fully floating balanced output for optimal signal integrity. Thanks to its 3-pin XLR output and compliance with 44 to 52 VDC phantom power, the MKH 70 is compatible with a variety of handheld audio recorders, field recorders, and mixer adapters as well as built-in preamps on many camcorders and cinema cameras.

Ideal for Boompole Mounting

The MKH 70's metal body features a black anodized surface to prevent distracting visual reflections. Mount the MKH 70 directly on a stand or boompole using the optional MZQ 40 quick release clamp, or place it in the separately available Sennheiser MZS 20-1 combination shockmount, pistol grip, and stand adapter to prevent the transfer of vibrations to the microphone.