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The MOTIF XS8 from Yamaha is a professional 88-key synthesizer workstation ideal for use in both live and studio settings. It uses a powerful sound engine and high-quality waveforms and samples to bring your performance an incredibly realistic sound. Each voice can have up to eight separate elements of sound for increased complexity and nuance. The Expanded Articulation system provides more natural legato, staccato, and key release sounds, while special Mega Voices add richness to sequencer tracks and arpeggios.

The built-in arpeggiator provides approximately 6000 preprogrammed phrases, and you can have up to four of them playing simultaneously in perfect sync - great for live performances. As you play, you can store your ideas as songs or patterns to the internal memory. A 16-track sampling sequencer combines audio and MIDI recording so you can record music played on the keyboard along with music from a microphone, external instrument, or CD. A unique Slice feature lets you break a piece down into individual beats and notes for precise manipulation without affecting pitch or sound quality.

The MOTIF XS8 offers an intuitive interface complete with a large, color backlit LCD, pitch and modulation wheels, a ribbon controller, and assignable knobs and sliders so you can make adjustments to parameters and effects in real-time while you play. Effects include reverb, delay, EQ, and more. In addition to the built-in capabilities, the keyboard can be connected to your computer and integrated with your DAW. It offers seamless integration with popular software such as Cubase 4, Logic, SONAR, and Digital Performer.