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A full-sized keyboard that gives you the response and feel you need to capture all the emotion and dynamics of your playing. It offers superb weighted action, an incredible-sounding selection of familiar voices, 64 notes of polyphony and 16 multi-timbral parts. When your music calls for a different tonal perspective, the S80's Modular Synthesis Plug-in System opens the door to new and exciting synthesizer possibilities.  For musicians who are used to playing on a real piano, the touch of the keyboard on the S80 is a dream come true. Engineers at Yamaha took great care in designing the keyboard to deliver the same feel and expression as an acoustic piano.  As a result, the S80 responds to the finest dynamics of your playing, from the lightest pianissimos to firmly struck fortissimos.

The S80's onboard sounds are some of the best available on the market today. The essential voices you use most – organs, brass, strings, guitars and basses as well as a complete collection of pianos (including stereo-sampled pianos!) – are packed into the S80's wave memory.

The S80 features a dynamic digital effects processor and an incredible 64 notes of polyphony and a full array of high quality drum sounds.  Resonant filters add dynamics and realism to a keyboard's sound and are a critical feature for any synthesizer. The S80 takes the filter concept to whole new level by giving you 12 types of "multi-mode" resonant filters. Multi-mode filters allow you to assign a combination of filters to a voice; (e.g. a low pass and high pass filter.) This provides you with more expressive, authentic-sounding voices, plus adds more depth and punch to synthetic timbres as well. 

The built-in song sequencer is capable of playing back Standard MIDI Files. Store MIDI files onto a SmartMedia card, (in a library of up to 100 songs,) and instantly call at the touch of a button...including keyboard setups, performances, and chained playback (extremely useful for playing live.)

  • Full-Size Keyboard with True Piano Action
  • Top-Quality Selection of Essential Voices
  • Multi-Mode Resonant Filters
  • Playback Sequencer
  • SmartMedia Slot, A/D Input, MIDI